Product Care

Hand wash all garments in a mild organic detergent in warm water, rinse, wring out, roll in a towel, and hang or lay flat to dry. Hand washing really isn't as scary as it seems. I often will chuck my garments in the shower with me and wash them with my organic shampoo. I never dry clean anything!



Will I be allergic to hand spun angora and other natural fibers?


People that are allergic to dogs, cats and rabbits are generally not allergic to our fibers. Allergies tend to come from an animal's saliva or dander, so our thorough washing of all garments prior to shipping makes it possible for most allergy sufferers to wear. If you are extremely sensitive and because we are located on a farm, we do recommend that you wash your garment before wearing it for the first time.


Does Ambika Hand Spun angora shed like most commercial angora?


No, our products do not shed like commercial yarns.  The reason that most angora on the market sheds is that it is made in China and the animals are kept in bad conditions and fed poor diets insufficient for the animals to grow beautiful, strong fiber. In order to get the most out of these rabbits, they shear them too often, when their fiber is very short. When this short fiber is spun, it is too short to twist into a strong, durable yarn and thus sheds. It is also often blended with other synthetic fibers and poor quality wool, which makes it pill and shed more.


My order arrived but it doesn't look like the picture on the website?


When the angora fiber is made into a yarn, it has to be spun tightly so that it doesn't shed. This makes the yarn not feel very soft at first. Then magic happens! After the first washing and as you wear the garment over the first few weeks, it begins to bloom. The fibers come out with the agitation of wearing and washing it and it gets more fur-like in appearance. This is called the Bloom effect!


Is Ambika hand spun fiber warm and durable?


Angora fiber is 800% warmer than sheep's wool and is incredibly insulating, making it one of the warmest fibers in the world. It is also very strong and holds up to much wear. I still wear my first hat that I spun (not very well) eight years ago from my first rabbit. I have used it daily and even used it under my horse riding helmet. It is still in perfect condition and looks amazing. These garments are made to last!